Spend Time At The Conservancy Of Southwest Florida


It’s so important to learn a lot about nature. Not only does it get you outside and lets you breathe the fresh air, but it also highlights the importance of conservation and environmentalism. If you want to learn more about nature in the local area, you should spend some time at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. There are so many opportunities for fun and education there that it might just become one of your new favorite places in town. When you want to get outside and into nature, take a look at some of the most popular offerings at this nature center.

Electric Boat Rides

Want to get out on the water and see what the Gordon River offers? Try taking an electric boat ride with your entire family. This 45-minute ride will take you around the river, and the guides will point out the most beautiful spots around. If you’re lucky, you might even see a manatee! This is one of the best parts of the experience at the conservancy, so it’s definitely not something you want to miss out on.


If you want to do some exploring on your own, you should rent a kayak from the conservancy. Keep in mind that you can only get a kayak rental to go out on your own if you are a member of the organization. It’s really worth it if you think you are going to spend a lot of time on the water. However, everyone can take a guided tour, which will give you an inside look of nature’s beauty. And since you’re paddling yourself, it’s also a pretty good workout.

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Dalton Discovery Center

Want to see live animals and interesting exhibits that will teach you all about them? Just head on over to the Dalton Discovery Center. The exhibits at the center are super interesting, and there are a ton of topics covered. Whether you want to learn about the Everglades, the mangroves, or native snake species, you’ll want to spend plenty of time here. It’s great for adults and kids alike, and everyone is bound to learn something new. Make sure not to pass up the discovery center when you visit.

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