Check Out Full STEAM Ahead’s Summer Camps

Full STEAM Ahead’s Summer Camps

Don’t you want your kids to have the best summer ever this year? However, if you work or just lead a busy life, it can be difficult to keep them entertained all summer long. Instead of letting them just sit around the house being bored, why not give them a summer camp adventure they’ll never forget? That’s why you need to look into Full STEAM Ahead’s summer camps. These STEM and art camps are the perfect opportunity for your little ones to learn more about a topic that interests them while meeting new friends. Not only are they going to have a ton of fun, but they’ll also be keeping their minds engaged in the process. And isn’t that exactly what you want for them this summer? Check out some of the camps you can sign your kids up for.

Fire and Heat!

Does it seem like your kids always want to get their hands on fire? That may seem too dangerous most of the time, but they can do it safely when you sign them up for Fire and Heat! camp. This full day camp runs from July 22 to 26. It will teach them all about fire, heat, and how they work. This science camp is perfect for kids who are always questioning the world around them.

Minecraft 2: Advanced Tactics

If you are like many parents, you’ll find that your kids just can’t get enough of “Minecraft.” If they love to play it all day, they’re going to love the Minecraft 2: Advanced Tactics camp that runs from July 22 to 26. This camp will take their love for gaming and put it to good use in an educational environment. Plus, they’ll meet a lot of other kids who have the same interests as they do. This is one of the most popular camps available, so you’ll want to sign them up as soon as possible. Keep in mind that this is only a half-day camp.

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Coding 2: Advanced Game Design

Kids can learn coding and get a head start on an amazing career that is sure to take them far. If you have a mathematically minded little one who wants to learn how to code, then you should sign them up for Coding 2: Advanced Game Design. They’ll actually get to design their own video game, which they’re sure to love. This camp is also from July 22 to 26, and it’s a half-day camp, as well.